Smokeless Coal — Anthracite, Lignite, Petcoke, and Ovoids

Affordable, Dancing Flame, and With a Homely Feel

Anthracite, Lignite Coal Nuggets and Petcoke from MFS Fuel Services, Ireland

MFS Fuel Services’ anthracite, lignite, and petcoke range offers the environmental benefits of smokeless fuel — but without breaking the bank.

Suitable for use in smoke-free zones and allowing you to adhere to the planned smoke-ban legislation in the Republic — our smokeless fuel nuggets line-up promises the ultimate cosy feel for your home.

With products suitable for stove, open fire, and boiler use — we provide the best smokeless coal combustibles for all commercial and residential applications. And, with impressive heat outputs and low-to-medium residual ash, they offer clean use with a pleasing cost-to-energy ratio.

Our Smokeless Fuels Range

Masterflame Smokeless Fuel

Superheat Smokeless

Lignite Nuggets



Cosy Blaze Ovoids

Ecolite Egg


Cosy Blaze Ovoids

Ecolite Egg

MFS Fuel Services Best Smokeless Coal Ireland Products


Our most popular product. A 50/50 premium blend of lignite nuggets and petcoke, Masterflame delivers a long-lasting heat output that rivals high-grade bituminous coal. Suitable for open fires and glass-fronted stoves, it’s effortless to light and offers a pleasing smokeless flame.


  • 25 mm screened.
  • Excellent smokeless stove coal.
  • Can be burnt alongside other fuels.
  • Pack sizes: 20 kg and 40 kg.

Superheat Smokeless

Combining premium lignite coal nuggets and petroleum coke, we have produced a great value smokeless fuel that provides an intense and consistent heat. More straightforward to ignite than house coal, it ensures hassle-free use while being low on residual ash.


  • 50:50 petcoke and coal nuggets.
  • 30 mm screened.
  • Pack sizes: 20 kg and 40 kg.

Lignite Nuggets

With a welcome consistent burn, MFS Fuel Services’ pure lignite nuggets emit significant heat while remaining pleasingly affordable. One of the best overnight banking fuels, this smokeless product allows straightforward reignition the following day with a little kindling.


  • 25 mm screened.
  • 100 percent lignite.
  • Excellent for glass-fronted stoves and open fires.
  • Pack size: 40 kg.


A 100 percent petroleum coke fuel, Clearflame offers a more affordable alternative to pure anthracite — while delivering similarly powerful energy output. Remarkably low on ash, it permits effortless post-burn clean-up.


  • Pleasingly budget-friendly.
  • Ideal for open fires.
  • Pack size: 40 kg.


A high-performance anthracite semi smokeless coal with a focus on closed units such as boilers, cookers, room heaters, and glass-fronted stoves. Promising 80 percent less smoke than traditional house coal, it delivers controllable heat that will last up to 18 hours.


  • Slow-burning with long slumber.
  • Heat output for up to 18 hours.
  • Our most popular anthracite smokeless fuel Ireland.
  • Pack size: 40kg.

Cosy Blaze Ovoids

Specifically designed for open fires, our smokeless ovoids coal is one of Ireland’s most popular smokeless solid fuels. Manufactured around the size of a tennis ball, it promises excellent heat delivery and burns for hours. Highly efficient, our ovoid coal promises all the traditional qualities of an open fire, yet will not spit or spark like smokey bituminous fuel.


  • Lower COemissions than bituminous coal.
  • Pleasing glowing fire with high heat.
  • Low on ash.
  • Pack size: 20 and 40 kg.

Ecolite Egg

With seriously low COemissions, Ecolite egg is a slow-burning fuel primarily for room heaters, cookers, and stoves. Offering a consistent and impressively controllable heat, it’s a pleasingly clean combustible with long slumbering rates.


  • Approved by HETAS.
  • Smokeless.
  • Slow-burning.
  • Pack size: 20 and 40 kg.

Smokeless Coal Ireland FAQs

What Is Smokeless Fuel?

Our smokeless coal products deliver minimal or no visible smoke. By radiating heat via infra-red radiation, it’s more efficient than traditional house coal — due to smokeless coal production forming the combustible into high-energy briquettes and nuggets.

What Is Lignite?

Formed from compressed peat, lignite is a low-density, low-smoke, sedimentary fuel — also referred to as brown coal. At MFS Fuel Services, we provide the best lignite briquettes Ireland has to offer — premium quality yet affordably priced.

What Are Lignite Nuggets?

In its unrefined state, lignite is high on moisture — hence it’s compressed into lignite coal briquettes to remove the excessive H2O content.

Is Lignite Any Good?

Yes. Read any lignite briquettes review, and you’ll discover that it’s a reassuringly low-smoke fuel suitable for smoke-free zones. Formed into regularly sized briquettes, it offers a consistent burn with considerable heat output.

What Is Petcoke?

Created as a by-product of petroleum refining, petcoke — or petroleum coke — is a smokeless fuel that burns with extremely high heat. It features a sponge-like appearance and is combined with a variety of coal types to create blends suitable for use in smoke-free zones.

What Are the Smokeless Coal Prices?

We strive to deliver the most affordable cost of smokeless coal while assuring a high-quality product. To discover our current price of smokeless coal — whether anthracite, petcoke, or lignite — get in touch with us now.

What Are Union Nuggets Made From?

Union nuggets are formed from compressed lignite coal. Regularly sized, they provide a long-lasting and consistent burn.

Smokeless Coal No Heat Issues?

A lack of heat from your smokeless coal is usually due to insufficient airflow — required for a rewarding and steady burn. If you’re encountering problems with warmth from your solid fuel — speak to our knowledgeable team.

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