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Nothing can match the cosy warmth of a real fire, nor equal the economy of a solid fuel stove, heater, or boiler — MFS Fuel Services offers the ultimate range of hard combustibles to heat, cook, and add traditional luxury to your home.

Family owned and operated for more than 35 years, we proudly supply our solid fuels across Northern Ireland and the Republic — delivering the perfect combination of unbeatable quality and competitive price points.

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Our Packaged and Loose Coal for Sale Ireland

Bituminous Coal

The most widely utilized solid fuel in the world, our bituminous combustibles are available at some of the cheapest coal prices in Ireland. With a high asphalt content, this compressed peat sedimentary rock is typically the go-to product for an open coal fire — promising a good reliable burn, low-to-medium ash, and impressive heat output.

With a low coal cost per kilowatt hour, it’s the most economical fuel source for both home and industry users. However, with considerable moisture content, it’s not suitable for use in smoke-free zones.

Our bituminous coal for sale in Ireland includes:

Premium Polish Coal

Offering some of the most competitive Polish coal prices Ireland has to offer, MFS’s high-quality combustible is one of the leading solid fuels for open fires. All our Polish coal for sale promises an extended fire life combined with sustained heat output.

It characteristically possesses a welcome low-ash content and is sized between 40 and 80 mm. Ideal for open fire use, it delivers a comforting glow with a dancing flame.

  • A popular premium house coal.
  • Sourced directly from Polish coal mine sources.
  • Excellent heat output longevity.
  • Not suitable for use in smoke-free zones.
  • Affordable Polish coal prices.
  • Pack size: 40kg and 20kg.

Premium Colombian Coal

Our Colombian coal and Colombian doubles coal are premium open fire solid fuels. Considered to be one of the highest quality combustibles currently available, all of our Colombian coal for sale is low in sulphur, ash, and moisture.

Effortless to light, it delivers a pleasing long-lasting burn with a gorgeous flame picture.

  • Ultimate quality Columbian coal.
  • Fuss-free ignition.
  • Competitive Colombian coal prices.
  • 25 mm screened.
  • Not suitable for use in smoke-free zones.
  • Pack size: 50, 40, 25, and 20 kg.

Economy House Coal

The ultimate value solid fuel, our home-focused bituminous coal offers optimum affordability combined with rapid ignition. Excellent for a cosy open fire, it guarantees a natural flame and extended burn.

Traditional, clean-packed, and low on residue, our bituminous fuel for homes is 20 mm screened and provides a welcome crackle.

  • Budget house coal.
  • 50/50 blend of Colombian doubles and Russian coal.
  • Open fire specialist.
  • Pack size: 40 and 20 kg.

Back Boiler Beans Singles

A formidable blend of Colombian and Polish coals, our back boiler beans are designed for a snug home open fire.

Ideally used to top up a fully ignited hearth, it generates an equivalent heat output to premium coal and premium coal doubles. And, promising a remarkable extension to fire life, it’s considered to be the foremost overnight banker.

  • Low ash content.
  • Banks well.
  • Premium quality house coal singles.
  • Sized at 15 mm x 30 mm.
  • Pack size: 40 kg.


Typically utilized to bank down a fire, our excellent value slack fuel leads to an extended burn time on previously ignited solid fuels.

Using MFS Fuel’s slack coal product elevates combustible efficiency, and permits your open fire to continue burning overnight — meaning you awake to a comforting flame and welcome warmth.

  • The most affordable slack Ireland can offer.
  • Good burn with a strong heat.
  • Ideal overnight banker.
  • Screened at 15 mm.
  • Not suitable for smoke-free zones.
  • Pack size: 40 kg.

Smokeless Coal

If you reside in a smoke-free zone — or just simply want to take advantage of the many benefits of clean-burning coal — we have the ultimate range of low volatility combustible fuels.

Typically boasting high anthracite and/or petcoke content, our reduced emission coals feature a significant energy density — meaning a high heat to price ratio. Furthermore, they’re low on residual ash and include products suited to use in room heaters, stoves, glass-fronted and open fires.

Our smokeless fuel range includes:

Petcoke Blends

Petcoke, or petroleum coke, is a carbon-loaded fuel (typically over 80 percent) created as a by-product of oil refining. Low on moisture, it emits little smoke — making it one of the most affordable ways to buy cheap coal for smoke-free zones.

In addition to our respected 100 percent petcoke product, Clearflame — available at the best coal prices Ireland — we also offer impressive blends that comprise lignite or coal nuggets.

Our petcoke products include:

  • Masterflame — our top-selling coal fuel, 50/50 lignite and petcoke.
  • Clearflame — beautiful, cosy flame with high heat output.
  • Superheat — a blend of nuggets, doubles, and petcoke.
  • Superheat Smokeless — 50/50 mix of petcoke and coal nuggets.


Although the lowest-ranked format due to its low-carbon content — lignite, also referred to as brown coal, is possibly the cheapest coal in Ireland, while providing high heat at an affordable price point.

Our smokeless lignite nuggets are effortless to light, promise a consistent burn time, and bank overnight exceptionally well — permitting straightforward reignition with a little kindling the following day. Screened at 25 mm, our imported lignite Ireland coal makes an ideal open fire or glass-fronted stove fuel.


Anthracite is a low ash coal that’s industry ranked as premium grade, due to its high carbon content and few impurities. With negligible smoke output, it’s permitted in smoke-free zones and makes an ideal closed-appliance fuel — for example, in stoves, boilers, cookers, and room heaters.

At MFS Fuels, we are proud to offer this superior compressed coal at exceptional coal prices. Our most popular products are:

  • Burnglow — emits up to 80 percent less smoke than house coal.
  • Redflame — the best coal for slow burning and impressive slumbering times.

What Is the Best Coal In Ireland?

Naturally, we would say the coal from MFS Fuels — being rigorously tested for quality, burn times, ash content, and energy output.

However, it’s perhaps more important to ask — what is the best coal for your needs?

Just looking at the cost of coal isn’t sufficient. It’s about the inherent qualities of the combustible — and how they apply to their end-use. For example, the ultimate open coal fire may not be equally suited to use in glass-fronted stoves.

Qualities that need to be considered include:

Smoking or smokeless.

Residual ash.

Hard or soft coking.

Screen size.

Energy output.

Lighting difficulty.

Banking properties.

Sulphur and moisture content.

MFS Fuels Coal Importers Ireland Delivery

Not only do MFS Fuels have the most competitive coal prices Ireland has to offer, but we also boast one of the largest distribution networks.

For general wholesalers, forecourt owners, and coal merchants, we provide an unparalleled logistics service across the whole of NI and the Republic — ensuring that your full, half, or part loads arrive undamaged and on time.

Our coal Ireland deliveries are supplied on pallets of 20, 25, 40, or 50 kg bags — providing a complete door to bunker service.

That said, you don’t have to be a trade merchant to take advantage of our offers and buy cheap coal Ireland. At MFS Fuels, we will happily deliver our pre-packed 20 and 25 kg home consumer products to households across the lower Ulster regions — and always at competitive coal Ireland price points. Alternatively, you can come to our depot and collect in person.

Why Choose MFS Fuels for Your Irish Coal Products?

It’s not just because we offer some of the best coal price Ireland has available — but also because of our unbeatable service.

We ensure that our coal products are exhaustively tested for quality, ensuring that you receive the ultimate in combustible fuel. Delivered in clean, quality packaging — spillage, mess, and water ingress are avoided — thus protecting your purchase.

Furthermore, being a family-owned business for over 25 years, MFS Fuels focuses on working with you — finding efficient and cost-effective solutions to your solid fuel requirements. Additionally, we go the extra mile, and can provide support and advice — which includes favourable offers, distributor sales training, and mentorship.

Buying from MFS Fuels, you’ll enjoy:

The best price of coal in Ireland.

Short lead times, coal ie delivered promptly.

Low ash, high-heat products.

Clean, robust, and reliable packaging.

High-calorific values.

Cheap coal Ireland.

Unparalleled, friendly customer service.

Nationwide trade order deliveries.

Ultimate coal price for bituminous, lignite, anthracite, and petcoke products.

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