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Supplying Fuel and Coal in Ireland and NI

Timeless, with high energy output, and promising an unmistakable comforting flame — coal has been utilized as a home and industrial heat source for over 4000 years. At MFS Fuel Services, we’re proud to supply this father of fuels to homeowners, merchants, and distributors — at what we believe to be the best coal prices in Ireland.

Our extensive range covers the main three coal formats — bituminous, anthracite, and lignite — together with our own proprietary petcoke blends and smokeless products. Packaged into clean, leak-free packaging in 20, 25, 40, and 50 kg weights, our high heat coal is thoroughly screened and tested for quality — providing you with the ultimate long-burning, low-ash, hard and soft coking product.

The MFS Fuel Services Range

Solid Fuels

Solid Fuel Ireland

From bituminous and smokeless coals through to boiler beans, wood blocks, and kindling — we have the consummate combustible for your open fire, glass-fronted fire, stove, or heater.


Offering an unmistakable comforting dancing flame, MFS Fuel Services’ bituminous, lignite, and petcoke coals are sourced from premium UK, Polish, and Colombian mines for the pinnacle of open fire snugness.

Smokeless Coal

Suitable for use in smoke-free zones, our low ash, minimal CO2, and high-heat smokeless fuels provide an environmentally-conscious alternative to traditional house coal — but with the same cosy feel.

The MFS Fuel Services Difference

As a family-owned business, we pride ourselves on our transparency, honesty, and integrity.

Our ‘can-do’ attitude, exemplified by our friendly and enthusiastic team, allows us to deliver the perfect high-quality solid fuels to your door — on time, in the quantities you require, and in clean robust packaging.

From day one, we don’t tempt you in with ridiculously low introductory prices, only to increase costs with later orders. Our competitive charges are consistent, affordable, and fair. Furthermore, there are no restrictive lock-in contracts committing you to purchase — you order what you want, when you want.

At MFS Fuel Services, we believe our pre and post sales service is unparalleled. Not only do we provide informed, knowledgeable, and congenial advice on your solid fuel options — but we’re also more than happy to discuss any combustible issues or answer any coal-based enquiries. We’re just a phone call, email, or WhatsApp message away.

Our Solid Fuels and Services

Whether you’re a domestic user, high-volume coal merchant, or forecourt owner — you will benefit from our competitive pricing, premium solid fuels, and reliable packaging.

Homeowners enjoy on-time deliveries across the lower Ulster regions — or may simply drop in to our depot and collect and say ‘hi’ to the MFS Fuel Services Team! Distributors and trade users can receive full, part, or half-loads across the entirety of Northern Ireland and the Republic.

And, conveniently supplied in 20, 25, 40, and 50 kg pre-packed sizes, we have the perfect volume to suit your usage demands.

Become an MFS Fuel Services LTD Distributor

Want to join the expansive MFS Fuel Services network? We have opportunities for reliable distributors across the length and breadth of Northern Ireland and the Republic.

With favourable prices, sales training, and in-depth mentorship, you can partner up with a family business that delivers on its promises — enjoying short lead times, punctual deliveries, and premium solid fuel products.

MFS Fuel Services Ltd FAQs

How Many 20 kg, 25 kg, 40 kg, and 50 kg Are in a Ton?

There are 1000 kg in a metric tonne, so:

  • 20 kg – 50 bags.
  • 25 kg – 40 bags.
  • 40 kg – 25 bags.
  • 50 kg – 20 bags.

How Many Pallets in a Full Load of Coal?

A full truck of coal has 16 pallets loaded.

How Many 20 kg, 25kg, 40kg, and 50kg Are On a Pallet?

  • 20 kg – weighs 1.6 tons – 80 bags on a pallet – Sold in ROI.
  • 25 kg – weighs 1.5 tons – 60 bags on a pallet – Sold in NI.
  • 40 kg – weighs 1.6 tons – 40 bags on a pallet – Sold in ROI.
  • 50 kg – weighs 1.5 tons – 30 bags on a pallet – Sold in NI.

Where in Ireland Can You Deliver To?

If you order a full load, we can deliver to any location at a time of your choosing. For half or part loads, we need to consolidate orders to guarantee low prices — call us for details.

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